Which is better Thermography or Mammogram??

We get this question a great deal, especially with new clients. Truth is we can not tell you what to do with your own body, that is for you and you alone to decide.

What we can say though, is that Mammograms are tests of structure, looking for things that have already grown and developed. They involve hard metal plates, compression and possibly damage to tissue and then of course radiation. Now this is the GOLD standard in Australia but many countries around the world are actually stopping this procedure for a number of reasons, that you can research yourself.

Thermography is not designed to replace Mammograms or even compete with them. Thermal Imaging looks at the function of the body. In 100% of cases there is malfunction before a disease is diagnosed. So in regards to the breasts, Thermal Imaging is assessing the health and function of the breasts and we then endeavor to ensure healthy clean breast tissue. We monitor lymphatic congestion, hormonal inflammation, vascular changes, heat from angiogenesis. Keeping the breasts clean so that the chances of a more sinister disease is greatly lessened.

Think of a river. When the water is high and flowing less bacteria, algae, parasites and other yucky things can be found in the water, we just see clean water. However when the water goes down and the river is dammed up we see all these gross things start to form and the water is dark. Well it is the same for your lymphatic system and breast health. The number one challenge women faces with breast health is lymphatic congestion. The lymph system is the garbage collection system of the body and when it flows freely it is like a river taking inflammation and pollutants from the breast area. But when it becomes dammed up, things begin to change. Women report with pain, lumps, tingling, niggling feelings, feelings of fullness. Thermal Imaging is a wonder at identifying this and putting a woman’s mind at ease. Then with a few take home exercises, the lymphatic river can flow freely again and the chance of disease almost evaporate completely.

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