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We use non-invasive technology with NO radiation to assess full body and breast health.


Thermal Imaging is used by many people for a great number of reasons.  There are those that come in with a confirmed disease and monitor its progression, others with unexplained health concerns searching for answers, and others still who are perfectly healthy and who just want to make sure they stay that way.  Jessica assists all of these people by providing preventative education and action to improve upon their health and well-being.

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Thermography, or Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is a totally non invasive clinical imaging procedure for monitoring a number of physical conditions and injuries, by showing the thermal abnormalities present in the body. Very popular for monitoring breast health.

Jessica’s international and national experience with Thermography will assist in the monitoring of emotional distress, thyroid health, breast health, digestive and liver inflammation along with aiding in the monitoring in the following conditions:

  • Unexplained pain
  • Headache
  • Autoimmune conditions
  • Dental and periodontal disease
  • Vascular disease (including occlusive disease, deep venous thrombosis)
  • Back injuries
  • Identification of myofascial trigger points and tender points
  • Infectious and Inflammatory conditions
  • Neurological disorders
  • Stroke screening

Katja Prescott

I was looking for an alternative to a mammogram and decided to give thermal imaging a go.

I am so happy I found Jessica through a google search. She took the time to answer any questions I had prior to making an appointment and on the day of, made me feel comfortable with her positive attitude and kind nature. She provided so much knowledge and a list of recommended readings. Can’t fault her, highly recommend.

Elizabeth Johnson

Wow what can I say except that Jessica is a genuine practical woman who knows all about the affects from cancer procedures. She has given me such a hope and peace knowing that I don’t have to have.

Mammograms any longer. Thermal imaging is the safest and complete way to take control of our lives. Our lives are TOO short not to pay attention.

Barbara Lynn Peters

I gave away having mammograms many years ago and I decided to go down this path of thermal imaging, which I am so impressive about.

I have been with Jessica for quite a few years now and I love her approach as she is so friendly, caring and when we catch up, we have great conversations about anything and everything.

She is a treasure and I love thermal imaging as it’s non-invasive and is completed in about 5 minutes. Ladies you will love this and be assured (like I am), that it’s definitely very accurate and the results are back to you in a few days.

I highly recommend Jessica and the safe and accurate way of having your breasts (as well as other parts of your body if you want it) checked for abnormalities by using thermal imaging as an alternative choice.

Bronwyn Horsfall

Like so many other women, I was looking for a healthier alternative to mammograms. It just didn’t resonate with me to squish the daylights out of my breasts, to the point it was painful. I did my research re Thermography vs Mammogram vs Ultrasound and weighed up the results. I chose the Thermography path and was very fortunate to find the lovely and very capable Jess in my own ‘backyard’. I’ve been having Thermal Scans for several years now and it’s always interesting to compare my latest scan to those from previous years (Jess emails a copy of each scan and report) … I also find it very beneficial to have full body scans from time to time to stay in touch with what’s going on inside that I may not be aware of. Jess is extremely knowledgeable, helpful and passionate about a healthy lifestyle/body/mind and gently offers suggestions about how I can optimize my health. I have recommended Jess to several friends, who also find this path very beneficial. Thanks Jess, I’m so grateful for your care and the services you provide.

Rhonda Eather

It is great to know we have options when it comes to looking after our bodies. After going through a major health crisis I was recommended to have thermal imaging. It is so fortunate that Advanced Thermography comes to Toowoomba to accommodate those of us who live in regional areas. Thanks Jessica for providing this wonderful service in a professional, caring and stress free manner.

Jazmin Valk Lee

I found a lump in my breast and was worried what it might mean. I did not want to immediately jump to my doctor, I wanted to do things by my own terms and investigate further. As mammograms can be uncomfortable and do not necessarily detect all breast cancers I was keen to try thermography. I was in pain and very nervous, but Jessica soon put me at ease. Seeing my body on the screen was really helpful. I could see where my hotspots of inflammation were and was comforted to find out what I could do to help myself. I had two thermography sessions over a few months to give me a thorough overview of where things were at. The final report was very encouraging and said cancer was unlikely. Later I visited my doctor and he was interested in my report. He gave me a breast examination and confirmed I had no need for concern. This was in December, and I tell you the relief was enormous. I had the best Christmas ever that year! Thanks to Jessica for supporting me so well.

Kathryn Flagg Walker

I was advised to have thermal imaging as opposed to Mammograms by my Dr. a number of years ago. Jessica is amazing in the way that she can read the images and also give so much information on any problems that I may be having. Her health knowledge is amazing and she is so comfortable to discuss things with. The thermal imaging is amazing and such a great way to keep an eye on your body and what is going on. Thank you Jessica!


Thermography, aids in the monitoring of many types of physical conditions and physical injury.

There are a host of indications for medical DITI including monitoring breast health. DITI can assist in the evaluation of a large number of injuries and conditions. Many people undergo periodic whole-body screening because of thermographys ability to detect inflammation, and under functioning of many areas of the body.

Any individual with unexplained pain can also benefit from a DITI scan. Thermal changes are often the earliest sign of vascular disease, immune dysfunction, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction. It is also the earliest indication of systemic inflammation, a precursor to many diseases.


Advanced Thermography is based in Gayndah, Queensland, operated by Jessica Ehrlich who works as a Naturopath and Clinical Thermographer.

Jessica provides services in the Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Toowoomba, even visiting rural locations like Hervey Bay, Bundaberg and Rockhampton twice a year..  She welcomes women and men of all ages to her clinic.

Based on Naturopathic principles Jessica believes in a holistic approach to health.  She uses her experience to help clients interpret their reports and to set up individualised protocols as needed.


The procedure takes 20-45 minutes. Images are taken in a relaxed, private atmosphere by Jessica. There is no touching, compression or radiation. It is completely safe.

To prepare for the exam wear loose clothing, no creams/deodorants/makeup. No eating/drinking hot/cold foods 2 hours prior. No sunburn,  no smoking 2 hours prior and no heavy exercise that day. Contraindicated if pregnant or breast feeding.

All images are interpreted by trained professionals and you receive a report with a full set of images with 2-5 working days. Jessica also provides follow up consultations in person or via skype.

Make an appointment at one of our clinics today. We are available at the following locations: Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Rockhampton and most importantly the Gayndah in the North Burnett.

05. FAQs

Which one is better – a mammogram or a thermogram?

That’s what everyone wants to know. Thermography does not replace a mammogram nor does it diagnose cancer. Really they are very different tests. Mammography is a test of structure. Thermography is a physiological test assessing inflammation, hormonal changes and lymphatic congestion. Thermography can show us how clean or inflamed the breast tissue is. This gives valuable information that can empower a woman to make changes to prevent disease progression in the future. Thermography  adds a much-needed piece to the early detection puzzle, providing risk information and possible early warning signs.

Who can benefit from thermography?
One of the most common uses of thermography is breast screening. Breast thermography is beneficial for all women, including young women, dense breast tissue, women with implants and women who have undergone partial or complete mastectomy. But the fun doesn’t stop there Thermography is also an excellent whole-body screening tool, finding dental inflammation, immune dysfunction, thyroid dysfunction, vascular disease, hormone imbalances and systemic inflammation.
Do I need a doctor’s referral?
No. Most clients are self-referred.
How much does the procedure cost?
Services range in price from $240.00 for a single breast exam or single region of interest (ROI), $200 for a breast follow up scan, $340 for a half body and $370.00 for a whole-body exam. Discounts may be granted upon enquiry.
Follow up consultations on location or via phone/Zoom are $120 per hour or $50 for a quick consult/report findings.
Is this procedure covered by medicare or private health insurance?
The short answer is no. Larger health funds do not accept thermography but please check with your individual carrier to see what coverage, if any, is available especially if you are a member of a small private fund.
Why do I need a three month follow-up thermogram following my initial breast screening?
Before it can be determined that any changes are taking place in the breasts, an accurate and stable baseline must be established. In other words, we need to know what is your normal thermal roadmap. A baseline cannot be established with only one study, as there is no way of knowing if this is a woman’s normal pattern or if changes are actually occurring at the time of the initial study. By comparing two studies three months apart it can be determined that a woman’s breast physiology is stable and therefore suitable to be used as a normal baseline for subsequent annual comparative studies.


Jessica Ehrlich - Clinical thermographer - Ad Dip Naturopathy - Bach Health Sciences Majoring Complementary Medicine


Jessica has always been passionate about the health industry. She pursued studies in Naturopathy and Clinical Thermography and now combines these modalities to provide the best possible outcome for each client. She lives on an Organic farm with her partner and 3 children growing animals and small crops for proper nutrition, not just for themselves but for the wider community.

Jessica is spirited when it comes to self-education and self-empowerment and attempts whole heartedly to inspire clients to be the best version of themselves. Servicing Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba, Gold Coast, Wide Bay, North Burnett and Capricorn regions.

Jessica’s Qualifications:

  • Clinical thermographer
  • Ad Dip Naturopathy
  • Bach Health Sciences Majoring Complementary Medicine
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Katya Sophye


Katya comes from a fashion background. However falling ill after the birth of her second daughter she started searching for answers outside of allopathic health. She was blessed with discovering the benefits of functional and integrative medicine. After healing her body she went on to study to become a Kinesiologist, Colonic Hydrotherapist and now a Thermographer. Running a clinic full time in Noosa Heads, she loved looking after her clients. Seeing their health improve when they made changes in their diet, lifestyle and emotional well-being was amazing! Moving to the beautiful Mary Valley with her two little girls she now is enjoying life at a slower pace and getting back to nature.
Her passion is helping people make positive functional steps towards abundant health.


Jessica travels on a monthly-fortnightly basis providing properly equipped, professional service to clinic locations in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast. Annually to Wide bay and Capricorn regions.

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