To juice, detox or fast that is the question

People are always talking about the latest fast, juice cleanse or detox. So what’s the difference between fasting, juicing and detoxing anyway? Are they just fads?  Do any of them actually work? And are the any good for you?

Let’s take a closer look…


Fasting involves abstaining from food and has been around for a long time. Hunters and gathers no doubt fasted when the hunt went bad, or depending on the season. Fasting also has a deeply spiritual link and is practiced across many different religions.


A number of nutritional plans focus on detoxing the body of toxins. These can include elimination diets, herbal supplements, juice cleanses and enemas. Detoxing dates back to ancient Hindus, Egyptians and Greeks who all use certain foods to purify and detox the body.


Juicing or juice fasting is a form of detoxing or fasting where only juices, water and herbal teas are consumed for a specific time period.


While fasting and detoxing have been around in some fashion for millenniums, juice cleanses are relatively new only time will tell. Some juice cleanses tend to spike glucose levels as so much fruits is consumed. Also the lack of fiber can cause digestive upsets. Headaches, fatigue and the gastric distress can be avoided if you take a smart and deliberate approach.

Detoxing is best when it includes high-quality protein, adequate amounts of nutrients, cruciferous vegetables, antioxidant-rich foods and plenty of pure water. It can even be as simple as eliminating all processed foods, sugar, grains and alcohol for 7-10days. You may find you feel lighter, more energetic and healthier.

Fasting is often quicker in time to carry our than juicing or detoxing. Intermittent fasting can be undertaken without causing much disruption to one’s life. 24-48 hour fasts are often carried out regularly throughout the year, and in cases of Cancer 40day fasts can be carried out.

So before you start cleansing your body, do a little research which of the above fits your goals and lifestyle better. If you want any more info give us a call to help you work out a protocol.

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