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Salt Water Flush

Salt Water Flush This gentle cleanse is popular to facilitate digestion and cleansing. Used often at the beginning or end of a detox or as an end to a parasite cleanse. Drinking the salty water encourages the body’s natural detoxification and elimination, helping...

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Teen Hormones ARRRGH!!!

Your hormones are like the master controller of YOU. Find out more about teenage hormones, what’s normal and what could be a sign of an issue. Remember your first few menstrual cycles? Whilst I remember mine, I speak to many clients who have very vague memories of...

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Bio-identical Hormones

What are bio-identical hormones? More and more women I see are turning to Bio-identical hormones to manage a wide variety of symptoms during peri-menopause. Here is a little info for those considering this option, but haven't yet taken the dive. The term...

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