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Breasts, Babies & Iodine

Breasts, Babies & Iodine It is clear why iodine is important for the thyroid; T4, the principal output of this gland, is a tyrosine molecule bonded to 4 iodine ions. Cells throughout the body are capable of clipping off one of the iodines, creating T3, the...

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Clay Cleanse

Clay Cleanse What is it? This is a natural, safe, cheap and highly effective detoxification for the body. The clay acts as a sponge absorbing toxins. Following this protocol once or twice a year will boost your immune system, lighten the load on your digestive system...

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Salt Water Flush

Salt Water Flush This gentle cleanse is popular to facilitate digestion and cleansing. Used often at the beginning or end of a detox or as an end to a parasite cleanse. Drinking the salty water encourages the body’s natural detoxification and elimination, helping...

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