Liver and Gall Cleanse


What you’ll need:

Epsom salts

8-12 Pink grapefruits, lemons are also ok however they congeal with the olive oil

Olive oil

Straw/water bottle


Take no medicines, vitamins and pills that you can do without as they may reduce effectiveness.  Eat only fruit in the morning and up until lunch time. For lunch eat mashed or steamed sweet potato. The less fat that is eaten, the stronger the cleaning action of the liver and gall bladder and the more stones you’ll pass.

2:00 Do not eat after 2 o’clock.  If you break this rule you may feel quite ill later. Refrigerate your grapefruits, and if using lemons, keep them at room temperature. Get your straws or water bottles out too.

6:00pm & 8:00pm Take 2 heaped teaspoons of Epsom salts in a glass, dissolve them in a small amount of hot water then fill the remainder of the glass with tap water. Then plug your nose and down this quickly, you can use your straws. It’s not the best taste, so just keep thinking of the good things you are doing for yourself. You can do this. To improve the taste you may add ¼ teaspoon of vitamin C powder. You may also drink a few mouthfuls of water or juice afterwards to rinse your mouth.

9:45 Pour ½ cup of olive oil into a glass or water bottle, then add ¾ cup of freshly squeezed grapefruits/lemons and ¼ cup of lemonade.  You can also take a small glass of lemonade as a chaser or a slice of lemon to suck after you’ve downed this drink.  Now visit the bathroom but don’t be late for your 10 o’clock drink.

10:00 In bed, drink the olive oil-juice drink, either by shaking the water bottle or if prepared in a glass, use the straw, this helps with the thick oil texture. Plug your nose and think positive, this is the foul part of the cleanse. Lie down IMMEDIATELY.  And on your right side, in the fetal position, failure to do this and the bile ducts will not open up to allow the passage of stones.  Do this for at least 20 minutes, you’ll probably feel the bile gurgle and stones purge but there is no pain.


 Next morning, on waking take your 3rd drink of Epsom salts, then 2 hours later your fourth and final Epsom salt drink.  Also drink plenty of water, this is essential to help the passage of foods.  At 9:00 drink a glass of apple juice or pineapple juice.  At 10:00 some fruit salad.  Then it’s a normal day and you can return to eating, but concentrate on cooked vegetables and fish to help the body return to balance.

It’s important to not to much on this day.  It’s a flu like day and you will not want to be too far from the bathroom.  Expect your diarrhoea too for stones.  The stones float so are easily seen and are green, yellow and even red.  If you see any stones that are larger than a 10cent piece you should repeat this cleanse in 2 to 3 weeks.

Ideally you will pass between 2000 to 5000 stones.  Passing this many will elicit positive long lasting changes to your health and well being.  The more green stones the better as this indicates genuine gall stones (as bile is green) and not just very old food residue.

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