Hair Analysis

Most of us are living well below our optimum gene expression meaning that we are not achieving our true potential.  The science of epigenetics has discovered that up to 98% of our genetic expression is influenced by our environment; through factors almost completely under our control.  This information liberates each and every one of us from the old genetic dogma and belief that we have to live with our genes, state of wellness, performance or daily lives.  The truth is that we have much more control than we were ever led to believe and by taking back control we can change our lives for the better.

Optimize reports are designed with you in mind and created using information from your own quantum energy field that is of high relevance to you.  The reports focus on your food and nutrition choices and provide clear information to help you implement a food regime that will optimize gene expression for wellness, sports performance, beauty and aging and weight & shape.

Optimize Reports contains highly relevant environmental factors based on personal epigenetics from hair follicles. The reports are generated in less than 15 minutes and provide instant access to diet, nutrition and lifestyle choices information. The cost of the hair analysis is $200 and can be done during any Thermal Imaging consultation, or just book the 15 minutes for the hair analysis. Support is also offered after the test is taken through consultation with Jessica and email and phone support.

Information courtesy of Cell Wellbeing.

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