Genetic testing

We live in a great age.  We have more available to us now than ever before.  There are so many methods of health testing we can explore to short cut our journey to good health, to obtain a blueprint to our health, wellness, to our future.

I had been hearing about genetic testing for a little while and when my Nanna passed away from pancreatic cancer it was the kick up the bum I needed. Am I the best version of myself? Will I die from cancer or heart disease? What kind of health can I create for my children?

So off my partner and I marched to have our genetics tested and here are the results…

My genes are prone to create inflammation.  And I have received IL-6 from both parents so my cancer risk is incredibly high.  While my phase two detoxification was perfect, the CYP1B1 enzyme was overactive in phase one, which can lead to diseases within the breasts and reproductive areas.  I am currently undergoing DUTCH testing to determine if excessive estrogens are building up within these tissues and to determine my hormone profile and my body’s stress response.

Turns out my genes make it hard for me to convert sunlight to vitamin D, so supplementation is needed. And surprise, surprise I have a defective MTHFR gene.  I believe both these gene mutations to be very common.  This is the reason I get low in iron, my B12 absorption. Supplementation is needed at this point.

There is also a tendency for hardening of arteries, but an alkaline diet and lifestyle will reduce this. Oh and my body has difficulty breaking down fat, Yippee!

So now I have this info I am revisiting an alkaline, blood type A diet.  I am also supplementing with methylated B vitamins, vitamin D, fish oil, Defence Cell and Salvesterol.

I do realise that while our genes are important, they are not the be all end all.  I may have these gene codings how do I know if I’ve switched them on?  This is why I will undergo blood works and urine hormone testing next to determine my biochemistry and where my health sits at this present moment.

I highly recommend Genetic testing. It is a powerful tool that helps shortcut the determination of a diet and lifestyle that suits your specific body type.

I’ll keep you posted as too what other secrets I uncover about my health and my true health potential.

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