Nano Soma

Here is the product we have been waiting for. A product needed right now by all of us, no matter which side of the fence you sit, JAB OR NO JAB. It will help protect you against the DNA damage of vaccines, from viruses and even emotional trauma. I know perfect! And I have seen the results first hand.

What is it

Nano Soma is an extract of policosanol, a combination of long change aliphatic alcholos, in pure water. These are found naturally in seeds and foods we eat everyday like broccoli, wheat, apples etc. With the industrial revolution came the refinement of food and in turn a loss of nutrients. Look at the shelves on any Coles or Wollworths…what food still has life in it?

Nano Soma particles have been made into a nano-emulsion (spray) easily acting on the mitochondria of each and every cell in the body restoring homeostasis. Regulating reproduction, growth and metabolism.

Here is a list of benefits

  • Restores immune function
  • Helps the body convert sunshine into D3
  • Increases vitamin C levels
  • Regulates genes
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Increase cognitive function and energy
  • Increases wound healing
  • Heals dry eyes and itchy skin
  • Repairs damaged blood vessels and organs
  • Gets to the root cause
  • Improves longevity and anti-aging


How to take?

  • For health maintenance, use 5 sprays in your mouth once/day.
  • If you are taking prescription medications, the likelihood of a healing crisis (see description below) when you begin to use NANO SOMA is much greater. In this case, we recommend you begin with one spray/day, gradually building up to 5 sprays/day.
  • For assistance with an existing health condition, use 5 sprays once/day for the first week, then use one bottle in the second week (5 sprays, 4 times/day), a second bottle over the next two weeks (5 sprays twice/day) and a third bottle over the next 4 weeks (5 sprays once/day); i.e., normal health maintenance usage.

For skin problems and open wounds, spray directly on the affected area at least twice/day.

For eye or ear issues you may wish to pour some Nano Soma into a squeeze eye dropper bottle and put a drop in each eye, ear or nostril once or twice a day. It stings briefly in the eye but is quite safe. People report benefits with cataracts, glaucoma and tinnitus.
For the nose, we suggest purchasing an inexpensive empty nasal spray, or empty out its contents if it contains another product and rinse it out, then fill it with NANO SOMA. Spraying NANO SOMA in your nose helps to clear out the resident bacteria and viruses.

What does it cost?

One bottle is valued at $120 plus postage and handling, unless you collect from me on the day. Orders are being taken as stock levels will be replenished in the next two weeks.


If you want to know more please let Jessica know on 0419871259 or via email

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