Mini Beet Protocol

  • Beets not only remove heavy metals, but they also reverse tie removing wrinkles, lines and fat from body, most especially removal of fat from strange places on body like around side of lips and under and over eyes and under cheeks and right under your chin!!! Not to mention estrogen rich love handles! Woo hoo!
  • Beets will restore your methyl levels back to decades earlier…Methyl groups are like a yard stick of how long you will live, you use them up every time you don’t get in enough nutrients from the food you ate during that meal or for the all the meals for the day. For example, not any methyl or enzymes or enough vitamins and minerals in your meal, then body will age you (use up methyl groups) to make up for it, hence aging and lines and wrinkles occur!
  • Beets are also an amazing tissue rebuilder and DNA.
  • But it doesn’t end there, Beets remove scars too….along with parasites

[Caution: not for those with anemia or for the weak]


Step 1

Take one shot glass of cinnamon – say 2 or more tbls of water mixed with a fork in 1 tsp of cinnamon – stir for 2 mins – if you do not stir well enough it will not mix well and will be an amazing annoyance on the back of your throat while trying to drink it down… right after drinking it you are to swallow little water to wash your throat of the residue of the cinnamon. Let’s say this another way… you are to have 2 glasses in front of you. One glass is a stirred up cinnamon shot, and the second glass has a decent amount of water in it only, say 1 cup of water. Drink the cinnamon shot, then drink the glass with water in it only to wash throat of the residue of the cinnamon and to make sure you do not burn your throat from cinnamon heat.  Now you can start juicing below… it will be about 15 mins until everything gets juiced and to start drinking, so this will give time for the cinnamon to do its work.

Step 2

Start out small please: work your way up to taking a full 1 cup of beet juice. It is simply beetroot juiced, nothing else. It can be intense in the begining and even the end and you can almost immediately feel the pull of toxins from the body. This is why the next step is so important.WOW! WOW! WOW! Very GOOD! 4 days of the Major and it will feel like someone lifted an anvil off of your kidneys, I kid you not…even if your kidneys function like perfection already!

Step 3

Now lastly is to eat one apple or two apples.   Next eat one or two carrots after the apples, I don’t care if it takes you 2 hours to get down 2 or 3 apples then eat 1-2 carrots as long as you get them down and in THAT ORDER (apples first then carrots) … you have to start with eating of apples right after the juice even if it takes you two hours to finish, just so long as you start right After the juicing ok? if you did this correctly you should notice total perfection – not a drop or hint of side effects, fevers, chills, nausea, headaches, etc! ok? Eat those apples and then carrots to remove any drop of detoxing side effects.

And you do this 3 times a day, for breakfast, lunch and dinner. No other foods are to consumed, but of course plenty of water and if you can fit it in, plenty of rest. For best results it is done like this over 4 days and then you can gently return to normal eating.


If you work full time, just do this for 2-3 days over the weekend, you will still receive benefits. Also for men who have extremely physical jobs, they can eat as normal, but follow the protocol 30-40 minutes before breakfast and dinner.

Good luck, you will feel amazing after this Mini Beet Protocol.


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