So you are lymphatically congested? What next?

During your thermal imaging consultation you may have been told that your breast and/or axillary area is congested.  So what does this mean? There are two rivers in the body, the blood which feeds everything and is pumped by the heart and the lymphatic system which is the garbage collection system and which requires you to move to pump throughout the body.  During different times of our lives our garbage collection system can become a bit blocked up. When this happens it’s like a murky river within our body, stagnating energy and wastes and potentially leading to disease.

So how do we keep the flow of our lymphatic system going?

  • Exercise – this is very important to pump lymphatic nodes throughout the body, preventing stagnation
  • Hydration – plenty of water is essential
  • Massage – professionally to begin t unblock nodes, and then you can learn to do it yourself
  • Diet – alkaline eating
  • Supplements – vitamin C, lymphatic herbs etc
  • Infrared saunas – to pull garbage from the body
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