What do you think of when you think of inflammation? Heat? Redness? Swelling?

Inflammation is not all bad, in fact it can be a healing or protective process of the body. Think of when you cut your finger, it becomes inflamed and then heals. Or how about when your body fights off bacteria or viruses. These are examples of acute inflammation. But what happens when the inflammation lasts or months or years? This is chronic inflammation, like asthma, arthritis, breast disease, Alzheimer’s.  If the root cause isn’t fixed or if a inflammation causing agent isn’t removed from the diet/lifestyle then the inflammation persists and causes more damage.

Some say inflammation is the root cause of ALL disease.

How can you tell if you are inflamed?

While it is obvious we are inflamed at times like a sore throat or arthritis, often times some one has absolutely no idea they are inflamed within their body. Thermal imaging would have to be the best tool for assessing your inflammation profile. Not only will you be able to tell that it is within your body, but exactly where and if it is affecting other areas of your body.

Once identified it is much easier to treat than your think. Along with the thermal images, your health history and other testing we can really define the causes and the impacts this has had on your body. From here we can design a protocol specific to you to reduce the inflammation and then we can monitor it’s decline with regular imaging sessions.

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