The Emotions of Breast Cancer

According to Evette Rose in her book Metaphysical Anatomy the following emotions may play a role in the development of breast cancer:

You may feel you are the family foundation, holding everything and everyone together, so you think it is necessary to be seen as strong to the public even though at home you are stressed.

You may find it hard to grieve and show emotion due to fear of rejection and abandonment. In the past you have felt judged when expressing emotions.

You either suppress emotions or let them out explosively. Your outburst only serve to push others away leaving you feel even more abandoned. You may feel communicating comes at a price and associate expressing yourself with punishment and rejection.

Family members and the pubic are in love with your strong façade but  this has become draining emotionally, spiritually and mentally and is now taking it’s toll. You want to be yourself but fear rejection. There is a fear of moving out of the perfect wife, mother stereotype. You may have experienced a stressful relationship with your mother or partner. They may have been absent or cold.

You feel attacked by people you love.  You feel drained from giving and not receiving all the while pretending it is ok. You have a strong desire to just be yourself and drop the façade. You’ve had enough of feeling resentful and unsupported. Your boundaries have been violated and you feel disempowered and suppressed when making your own decisions.

You aren’t allowing yourself to move forward and create change.  You feel if you change it will affect others, so you don’t for their sake.

You didn’t feel nurtured, loved or cared for as a child.

Who was the dominant parent? Who suppressed you? What would happen if you started making your own decisions? You may fear creating drama or conflict.

You may also fear rejection when making your won decisions.

How do you handle conflict in life? Are you using anger and rage to express yourself and create boundaries? Do you often withdraw and keep your own counsel, resulting in suppression of your feelings? This has a vicious cycle as your suppressed feelings transform to explosive anger.

You are suppressing a great deal of sadness you have not processed and expressed. You may find it easier to process once a loved one passes away or leaves. Grieving for someone opens the flood gates for all suppressed, unrelated grief.

There may be trauma relating to infertility.

Left Breast

Often relates to your relationship with your mother, yourself, family and family responsibilities.

Right breast

Often relates to your relationship with your father, leadership, trying to be strong and brave for everyone else.

Breast tumour

Often relates to feeling out of control as a mother, feminine role model and partner. You felt forced to behave a certain way so not to cause shame in your family. Feel unable to reclaim power and establish identity as a result of feeling suppressed by a father figure or male figure. You are expressing your mother’s own weaknesses to her partner.

There is a collective consciousness related to women that they should be strong, a holder to lean on, a problem solver and someone to carry all the responsibilities. Breast cancer often boils down to one’s relationship with others and oneself.

Key Points

  • Explore any trauma 2 years prior. What happened? How did you feel? What was the unresolved dispute/conflict?
  • Is there resentment towards family members?
  • Where in your life do you feel judged by the family? How does this make you feel?
  • Do you feel obligated to behave a certain way in order to be accepted? How does this make you feel?
  • Have you ever lost a child?
  • Explore any suppressed grief
  • Do you feel the need to be strong? Why? What would happen if you were vulnerable?
  • By whom do you feel attacked? How does this make you feel? Do you have clear boundaries? How do you communicate these?
  • What type of relationship did you have with your mother?
  • What was your health like before the cancer started? Where did you work? Did you live in or around pollutants? What was your diet like? Could anything have contributed to congested lymphatic nodes?
  • Who traumatised you? How did this make you feel
  • Why do you need to be needed? What is the benefit?
  • If you are a mother do you have a challenging relationship with your child? How is this affecting you? Do you feel unimportant, thrown away?
  • Explore your relationship with your partner. Do they meet your needs?
  • Explore your relationship with your father. How did he meet your need for love?
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