This is a curious ailment, Hashimoto’s that keep a woman/man guessing. There are lots of things you can do with your diet and lifestyle to help alleviate symptoms but have you ever thought of digging a little deeper? Ever thought if you emotions or belief patterns were influencing your thyroid? It could just be the missing piece.

According to Evette Rose in Metaphysical Anatomy it is worth considering the following…

  • Do you have self sabotaging patterns? To you deprive yourself of the goodness in life?
  • Do you live in fear of making a mistake and upsetting an influential person? To you try too hard to avoid being punished?
  • Being female is sometimes seen as being a weakness and you have been suppressed or manipulated into believing you have limited purpose.
  • You seem to have an unconscious fear that more responsibilities will deplete you, provoking old memories and traumas.
  • You feel attacked and poisoned by your current environment.
  • Who is making you feel this way? Why?

It may help to explore these issues through journal writing. Other may choose NLP, Kinesiology or any number of emotional release techniques. Happy releasing.

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