Maca Powder for ENERGY and BALANCE

These delicious balls I originally created a few years ago they have done the rounds many times since.  Whilst they has some dates, it is free from refined sugars – so as a special treat (you know, a real sometimes delight). It is super easy and you can switch up the recipe to add in whatever you like!  But most of all, I’m re-sharing this today because it utilises Maca, a brilliant super food that helps your thyroid.  Maca is unique because it is an adaptan, meaning it adapts to what your own thyroid needs. If it is under-active, it helps to give it a gentle push along and if it is over active, it helps to calm it down.

If you are using Maca as a supplement, it’s important to establish just how much Maca you should be having.  I say 1/2 – 1tsp. daily but I advise many women to take it just for the second half of the cycle. In any case, give it a go – it’s a winner!

5 minute super endocrine balancing Balls

2 cups of medjool dates
1 cup of nuts (macadamia or cashew nuts)
1/2 cup of shredded coconut
2 tbsp. maca and 2-4 tbsp. cocao powder


In a food processor  combine dates, maca and coconut and nuts. If you need a little liquid use a little water or some delicious coconut oil.
Roll into bite sized balls and place in baking dish or loaf tin lined with baking paper and allow to set in the fridge.

I also love using this recipe when I need a chocolate fix. Out on the farm I wouldn’t just drive into town to buy chocolate, so I make these balls and within 10-15 minutes I get my chocolate fix…GUILT FREE!!!


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