Bowel Cleanse – Restore the Bowel

I have tried many things but nothing works to restore the Bowel like Ultimate Fiber. It will make your tummy flatter, remove stubborn fecal matter on bowel walls as well as all junk out of pockets, excess candida and parasites. Simply by cleaning the bowel you will reduce inflammation and lymphatic congestion in the body. You blood cleaner, your breath sweeter, your body odour less offensive. Pain in the body begins to disappear and you feel lighter and more motivated.

Here is what happens when you don’t cleanse and food rots in your bowel;

Your bowel’s main job is to squeeze water and nutrients out of your food as it’s digested
to keep your body hydrated and provide nourishment. When you don’t drink enough
water, the food inside your bowel dries out too much and gets squeezed into tiny balls
of fecal matter. Your bowel packs it down so hard that these tiny balls become too hard
to pass…and you become constipated And when you do go – it’s like trying to pass
That’s when your real trouble starts, because when your colon becomes overloaded,
that rotting fecal matter has to go somewhere! Bad things start to happen in your body,
such as…

  1. Your bloodstream picks up toxins and poisons and dumps them onto your other
    eliminative organs (kidneys, skin and lungs) -and they work overtime
    trying to get rid of them.
  2. Your sweat and sebaceous glands overload and so you perspire more.
  3. Your lungs take on some of the poison, too, which gives you bod breath.
  4. Your stomach sticks out.
  5. Your body stores excess toxins in your fat cells and joints.
  6. Gradually your tissues, glands and organs suffer the consequences, impacting your
    overall health and well-beingl

Are you experiencing any of the following…

Bowel movements less than two times a day
Gas or cramping
Straining while sitting on the toilet
Relying on store-bought laxatives or stool softeners
Poop that’s hard, ball-shaped, stringy, covered in mucus or is
Having to wipe more thon once after going to the bathroom
A protruding stomach that feels heavy all the time
Retaining water and bloating
A bowel thot feels irritated all the time
Feeling sick to your stomach after meals
Feeling tired when you first woke up in the morning

To find if this product is right for you and the possible health benefits to your body book a consult online or via the phone with Jessica.

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